Hill Residences


CLIENT: SM Development Corporation
MARKET: Residential
Services: Architecture, MEFPS
LOCATION: Reliance, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila
AWARDS: Best Affordable Condo Development (Metro Manila) – 2021

The general intent for Hill Residences is to fuse the aesthetics of the urban scale and the domestic ambience, hallmarks that define the neighborhood of Novaliches. Committed to the theme of urban regeneration, Hill offers an elevated form of condo-living with wide-ranging amenities. The outcome is a development that successfully marries both communal and private spaces, and offers an improved lifestyle for its denizens.

Simple and succinct architecture is the best way to describe Hill Residences. With a staid and modest profile, the massive development relates to the city in a sculptural way, in stark contrast to the heavy urban sprawl of the city. The complex has 11 towers and contains perimeter car parks and numerous hospitable facilities.

Located in a highly urbanized community, Hill Residences thrives in its holistic approach to modern-day livelihood: safe, comfortable and inclusive. Its architectural strength goes beyond visual aesthetics and considers its spaces as a benefit. Each unit delves on the notion of how a person experiences space. Upon entry, residents are greeted with lush flora set against a backdrop of unimposing, massive structures, draped in muted tones. Vast, open spaces for amenities and parks between the towers also emanate a sense of tranquility. All of these elements were configured and synthesized to enhance the overall end-user experience.

The irregularity of the elevations represents the main theme of the entire community: emulating the “up and down” variability of picturesque rolling hills. Its dynamic rhythms are further improved by the lush landscaping between each tower. These park landscapes not only offer good opportunities to adorn the residential environs with its striking verdures, but also provide a sense of community within the development.

With Hill Residence’s soft lines, essential shapes and earth tone palettes, the result is an ornate and refined design that atypically upgrades the value of mid-rise horizontal social communities. Bringing the same grace as its namesake, this project aims to level the quality of residential developments at the heart of Novaliches, Quezon City.