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ASYA Build is a one-stop shop that develops holistic design projects that prioritize technological innovation, yet regard their utmost function, efficiency and sustainability. The renowned firm thrives on its topnotch design and build projects.

The firm succeeds beyond the paradigms of ASYA Design, who has been behind several ambitious projects around the country. But through a steady “design and build” process, ASYA Build elevates on its initiative to deliver cutting-edge, environmentally-efficient projects, including corporate offices, commercial and mixed-use buildings, public and private institutions and site planning.

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We take pride in our “think like the owner” and “build like a contractor” mindset. In fact, our forte have always been providing clients with personalized service for the best architectural design at the most economical construction cost. Led by a solid team of experts with over a decade worth of cumulative experience. In addition, Spark Place, A Place, and Scape, ASYA’s completed design-built projects, are sterling testimonies that costs and aesthetics can come hand in hand with the right management skills and expertise in the business.

The design & build that we offer diminishes the notion of “value assassination” or the act of compromising key design elements for budgetary reasons to the point that it loses its essential qualities. We offer better finishes, excellent pedestrian flow, and an enhanced overall impact. We prioritize the needs of the end users, use it as a foundation for design and take it a step further. All of this are done in order to achieve both commercial and sustainable success of the project.

Espace Properties Corp. is a lease management and a landlord representation company engaged in marketing real estate developments located within and outside the metro. Founded in 2012, with its head office at MOA Complex, Pasay City, its aspiration is to connect properties and landlords to rightful tenants while providing the best customer experience, highest possible revenue, and excellent brand representation. The clients’ satisfaction is its top priority as Espace finds innovative and effective ways to meet their needs and requirements.

Day One property management group is formed with one objective in mind: make sure the building always look new and of high-quality like the first day it was ever launched. Our meticulous and well-versed team in property management guarantees excellent up-keep of your building with strategies that help real estate owners maximize operating costs, heighten their property’s value, and uphold a first-class work environment for the tenants.

Our expertise in tenant relations, maintenance and engineering services, rent responsibilities, and professional day-to-day operation practices ensure that the building will be a place you’ll be proud to call your own.