About ASYA


Since 1993, Architect Albert Yu has led the firm in its remarkable competence in the field of architectural design, providing clients with personalized service and the best architectural design system at the most economical construction cost.

The success that ASYA has achieved is a testament to its visionary leaders, smart business practices and genuine belief in the value of the employee. 

Consistently, ASYA Design Partner has been awarded by BCI Asia as one of the Top Ten Architectural Firms in the Philippines since 2005 up to present. ASYA Design rises to meet more challenges, setting new trend in the estate market by taking a fresh approach on all aspects of architectural design.

The company`s sophistication in building technology applications and commitment to design quality has resulted in a portfolio that features some of the most notable clientele in the country and abroad. With project in Shanghai Taicang, Xiamen, Chengdu, Songjiang, Suzhou and mostly in the Philippines, ASYA has completed numerous buildings, a proof of its design excellence and service.

After establishing an unrivaled reputation in the field of design architecture over a number of years, ASYA is now asserting itself as one of the leading architectural practices at the forefront of incorporating suitable design into the build environment. 

Our portfolio includes projects of all scales, from the architectural design and value engineering of individual buildings to the master planning of communities. The firm has conceived, designed and built projects that include shopping mall developments; luxury residences; high-rise residential buildings; corporate offices; commercial and mixed use buildings; banking and finance institutions; public and private institutions; religious buildings; recreational and sports facilities; casinos; academic buildings; residential community developments; and site planning.

Currently, ASYA intends to be at the forefront of architecture & design, in Asia first, then in the world with the provision of a complete service package from architectural design to project management run by highly proficient professionals committed to design excellence and sustainability.