Lee Tower


CLIENT: Anchorland Holdings, Inc.
LOCATION: Binondo, Manila
MARKET: Residential
CFA/GFA: 11,926.41 sq. ft
SERVICES: Architecture

Lee Tower is designed to cater to the booming Chinese market. Located at the heart of Manila’s Chinatown, this condominium tower stands over 33 storeys high on a 1,108 sqm property. Comprising of 150 residential units, as well as a commercial unit, Lee Tower offers residents the advantage of living near where their businesses are and the benefit for families to thrive in a lively city.

Residential units are designed to have three-to-four-bedroom units as an application of Chinese customs where children reside with their parents. This allows homegrown residents to enjoy the lifestyle they are used to, making Lee Tower their true home. And residents are provided with a thousand square meters of amenity space, including an astonishing 35-meter lap pool. The asymmetrical contour of the amenities exudes an ecstatic vibe of the city. It also adopts a cork-screw ramp system in its parking levels that allows efficient parking layout and achieves maximum number of parking spaces.