Grand Summit Hotel General Santos


CLIENT:Robinsons Land Corporation
SERVICES:Architecture, MEFPS, Interior Design
LOCATION:Honorio Arriola Street, General Santos City, 9500 South Cotabato

Grand Summit General Santos

Reminiscent of the great outdoors, Grand Summit Gen San takes you on a journey that captures the familiar sense of being at peace with nature.

Upon arrival, the guests are greeted by a panoramic view of a hand painted abstract mountainous range, evoking that sense of fulfillment upon reaching the top of a summit. This mirrors the same sense of relief after a long and tiring week.

The hotel interiors unravel inspiration from every corner — from the main lobby, to the all-day dining, to the guestrooms and even down to its Artwork selection. We wanted to showcase the beauty & wonder of God’s creation; from the micro – art inspired by mineral & crystalline structures; to the macro – the scenic rock formations as expressed through wall details & photographs of the antelope hill.

Warm hues permeate the space as gentle reminders of that great sense of fulfillment upon reaching the top. While muted earth tones bring tranquility and balance. Traces of red also pay homage to the brand identity.

Grand Summit Hotel Gensan aims to provide a relaxing refuge for guests to enjoy amidst the hustle and bustle. Our hope is that as guests meander throughout the space, they are relaxed, recharged, and transformed, ready to embark on another journey ahead.