ASYA Stays Among The Top 10 Architects For BCI Asia 2022

Pasay, June 2022 – ASYA was once more recognized as one of the Philippines’ Top 10 Architects in the BCI Asia Awards 2022. This is the 18th consecutive time that the premier architectural firm received this award.

The BCI Asia Awards distinguishes the top-performing firms and developers that designed and built the most number of efficient buildings, sustainable projects and cutting-edge interiors in the region, from countries like Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Apart from its honors, the event aims to bridge networks among architecture firms, property developers, manufacturers and service providers and promote “the creation of socially-responsible architecture”.

Continuing its BCI Asia Awards streak reaffirms the ceaseless commitment from ASYA to address and provide solutions over a continuously-evolving industry. Each architectural innovation is derived from the necessity of the current environment, the technological enhancements, and the future generations. And provided that the industry was hit by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we regard public safety and design sustainability as two core priorities to improve on the quality of our projects. With this urgency, ASYA continue to spearhead advancements in architecture and design.

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