Red Residences


CLIENT: SM Development Corp.
MARKET Residential
SERVICES Architecture
LOCATION: 2153 Chino Roces Ave, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1230 Metro Manila

Red Residences is nestled along Chino Roces Avenue, over one of the most exciting areas around Makati City and home to a cluster of skyscrapers and vibrant leisure attractions. Red’s narrative reflects the effervescent metropolitan lifestyle where energy thrives and reverberates the average young professional’s unwavering passion for life.

An icon on its own right, Red Residences projects a striking stance over the Makati skyline with its dramatic façade. The frontage of the tower is defined by its interplay of materials that is uniformly enveloped on its structure and openings. Strokes of tapering white lines are met with bold strokes of red, further accentuating its subtle curves. The same lines are applied across the façade, resembling a series of ribbons that extend from the base to the top, bringing life into the building.

Staying true to SMDC’s projects, Red is strategically designed from the inside out, making sure that all units have access to the staggering city vistas. View analysis and unit-type synthesis informed the T-shaped tower concept, along with the white and gray linear motions that sets a dramatic view over the street. The negative space brought by the tower and the podium served as spots where the expansive amenities are located.

The experience at Red Residences flourishes on the comfort of its occupants, starting from its elegant arcaded drop-off. This sense of welcome is complemented with convenience through the retail spaces readily available at the ground floor. Guests and tenants can enjoy the host of activities that can be enjoyed at the amenity deck, such as the gym, function rooms, lapping pools and lounges. As one of the best perks for these modern homes and their surrounding greenery, these amenities bring a sense of escape from the modern world.

Red residence’s dynamic presence is shaped by its distinctive façade. Coated with bold strokes of red, it automatically emulates the character of its targeted consumer – audacious, driven, and passionate. Its green-decorated walls softens the rigid façade, complementing the boldness of the tower’s red hues and the lush greenery. Its overall design and strategic synthesis of colors, although conventionally linear, aims to challenge the monotony of the surrounding skyline without remaining inconsistent from SMDC’s reputable unit configuration.