Mandarin Square


Client: Anchor Land Holdings Inc.
Market: Residential
Location: Binondo, Manila
Services: Architecture, MEFPS

Mandarin Square is a 39-storey luxury condominium located in Binondo, Manila. Located in the heart of the famed Ongpin Street, this monumental high-rise standing on 2,350 square meters of property is one of the cardinal landmarks and a premier gateway to the best of Chinatown.

The framework behind the tower’s bigger unit cuts changes the way Chinatown denizens perceive condominium living, beyond the norms of Binondo. Stepping into the tower’s stone cladded finishes and the presence of reflective glass give a taste of the tower’s luxury.

The residents of Mandarin Square are given the utmost coziness and convenience within the community, thanks to its lavish units and amenities. Among the latter include five bedrooms, two-loft units with their built-in garden – the first of its kind – and amazing views of the city. The units’ upsized spaces allows tenants to experience better the amenities and maximize their area. And the tower’s access to numerous commercial and recreational spots around Chinatown is a great bonus.

Aiming to stand out from the standard condo experience around Binondo, Mandarin Square opens the doors to businessmen and families in Manila Chinatown to an elevated lifestyle that brings luxury to every corner.