Iconic Building


LOCATION: MOA Complex, Pasay City
MARKET: Office
CFA/GFA: 409,028.20 sq. ft
SERVICES: Architecture

This proposed 16-floor office development is to be situated at one of the most distinguished commercial, trade and business districts in the Philippines, adjacent Roxas Boulevard. The strategic location of this development is well pronounced with the place’s proximity to its array of business-related establishments like hotels, trade centers, business restaurants, meeting places and varied portions for entertainment and relaxation, broadening the potential of these office spaces. Its location considers the users’ access to nearby residential and other establishments. And its environment-sensitive design allows the site to minimize energy consumption costs and carbon emissions acquired from vehicles. The main idea is to deliver an office space that could be easily accessed by employees and visitors and to provide a linkage to the surrounding vicinity’ basic services. Having a productive and effective development would also incur positive improvements and outcomes on people’s productivity.

The building’s circular form massively placed at the corner development along the seaside balances the rigidity of the site, providing a seamless connection between the built environment and sea. The approach makes this building stand out, and focal points from the frontage and the sides gives it breathtaking views. The reflecting pool placed on the entrance and around the structure integrate the site’s unique qualities and functions as a cooling feature for the structure. It contributes to a well-maintained temperature in the area and reduces factors from island heat effect.

The pool echoes not only the building but the immediate surroundings, making it an astounding development to visit. On the other hand, a sky garden that cuts through the middle of the building is also featured to bring the natural environment to the cutting-edge space. The sky garden will contain non-invasive and low maintenance plants for reduced water consumption.