Golden Bay Restaurant and Showroom



CLIENT: Golden Bay Land Holdings
LOCATION: Lot 3 & 4, CBP, 1 Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila
MARKET: Restaurant, Showroom

Along the busy throughway of Macapagal Boulevard is a standalone restaurant with a recognizable neon signboard and a distinctive color palette. Now, the iconic Golden Bay Restaurant and Showroom is unveiling a brand new aesthetic as it opens its next chapter as a top cuisine destination in the emerging Bay City Area.

The story of Golden Bay Restaurant started in the late 2006 with a vision to transform Chinese cuisine into an “unparalleled dining experience”. From 2009, delivering their vision as a tourist destination with classic cuisine and events services, Golden Bay became one of the largest stand-alone restaurants in the country.

Creating the newest phase for Golden Bay Restaurant and Showroom requires the following steps: (1) design a story, (2) create a connection and (3) make a statement. This concept is reflected on its new emblem, wherein the location (Manila Bay), function (scales) and logo (icon) are hinted. Each element has a broader origin and reasoning for their inclusion in Golden Bay’s emblem: the Bay imposes the imagery of coastal waters and patterns of sea waves and ripples; the function is to offer the finest cuisine and the best seafood, as implied by its scale patterns; and the logo symbolically redirects to the restaurant’s basic inspiration – infinite possibilities.

Golden Bay’s new concept is pivotal to the design of its grand façade. The base reflects the old existing building mass through the site limitations. The fluid mass conceals the existing mass with a curvilinear base skin. Meanwhile, the parabolic uplift unveils the existing mass by the new fluid skin unsealing it. And the volumetric carving pares out the new skin façade, creating an interplay of curves that integrates the old and new portico designs.

Meanwhile, the skin adapts Golden Bay’s iconography, applying it as a scale-like façade. But it applies a gold-plated aesthetic, unveiling the luxurious identity of Golden Bay as a radiant presence, culinary icon and luxury destination over the Bay City Area.

With applying all three concepts on locations, function and logo, Golden Bay Restaurant and Showroom gives an appearance of an elegant cuisine destination, reminiscent of an aquarium. And taking in the founders’ vision of an unparalleled experience in a convenient dining destination, Golden Bay is opening a new chapter while holding on to its very cultural roots.