Fo Guang Shan Temple


CLIENT: SM Development Corporation
MARKET: Religion
SERVICES: Architecture
LOCATION: 656 Ocampo St, Malate, Manila, Metro

Set to be the largest Buddhist temple in the Philippines, Fo Guang Shan Temple rises above its 2,678 square-meter property in Manila. Designed as a center for religious, cultural, humanitarian and educational development, the temple serves as a monumental structure dedicated to Buddhism. It also provides people a solemn place for meditation and prayer.

At its façade, the massing of the temple resembles as a towering, laughing Buddha. The temples expand from the mountains to the urban centers, ergo from a passive, self-centered focus to an active, benefiting experience. They offer quaint services to accommodate to the needs of the diverse population.

While not compromising any of the original teachings, Buddhism adjusts and adapts to every era. In this manner, regardless of the day and age, temples can serve as places of spiritual refuge and guidance for guests. Aside serving as a temple, Fo Guang Shan operates a tea house, an art gallery, conference rooms, quarters and a canteen.

Serenity and calmness are essential, thus our services take inspiration from Buddhist teachings in everyday life. Tai Chi and yoga are freely taught in the open courtyard while Dharma teachings for the youth are integrated into vibrant activities. Case in point: our Star Wars movie marathons.

As technology advances over time, the methods of propagating the Dharma is continually being improved with additional features and facilities created for this purpose. Fo Guang Shan seeks to be a place that everyone can use, where everyone can gain knowledge, find spiritual guidance, and receive various forms of assistance. Fo Guang Shan celebrates Humanistic Buddhism through modest contemporary architecture.