Clairmont Parksuites


CLIENT: Anchorland Holdings Inc.
LOCATION: Alfonso XII Street, Barangay Corazon de Jesus, San Juan, Metro Manila
MARKET: Residential
CFA/GFA: 193,308.88 sq. ft
SERVICES: Architecture

Envisioned to be a place where a green environment can be freely nurtured and enjoyed, Clairemont Hills is a learning-driven residential development where one can breathe life in a rural setting, at the heart of the city. Clairemont Hills is a gated and exclusive townhouse and residential condominium development that puts a high premium on providing a secure and serene earth friendly environment with ample landscaped areas to give residents the ambience of a tropical paradise while remaining at the center of the metropolis.

The name is inspired by a renowned school in Clairemont, California which is recognized as one of USA’s greatest centers of liberal arts education. The building is composed of 18 levels (excluding 4th, 13th and 14th floors) above surface which includes a ground floor lobby area, a 15 floor residential area with roof deck and water tank deck. 2 levels of basement floor are provided for parking. It has a total height of 60.45 meters approximately from ground level up to the parapet of water tank deck. Numbering of floors is up to the 19th floor, while physically it is up to the 16th level, both exclusive of the Roof Deck and Machine Deck.