Air Residences


CLIENT: SM Development Corporation
LOCATION: 7257 Yakal, Makati City, 1203 Metro Manila
MARKET: Residential
SERVICES: Architecture

Set along the bustling streets of Makati City, Air Residences is a high-rise residential development that is paving a new course of transformation. It aims to regenerate its thriving location to its fullest potential with innovative design. Conceived by internationally acclaimed designers from Manila and Hong Kong, Air Residences is set to be a breakthrough landmark in Makati City.

The sleek, towering design of Air successfully links the intricate architecture to the streetscape with the green wall on its façade. This compliments the communal landscaped spaces from the central park on the ground floor. The striking podium design blends well with looming high-rise towers that respond to the city’s wider context.

Air Residences takes its inspiration from “contrails” – white trails formed by jet planes when soaring on the sky. The linear design accent further emphasizes the towering height of the building. Day or night, inhabitants can see the beauty of the city from different perspectives. The pocket amenities are in full view with strikingly landscaped green spaces and water features that create a sense of calm, connected, and contemporary living.

The location of Air Residences has proven to be one of its major strengths. The seamless link with the city continues at its epicenter. Walkable pathways lead from footpaths along major avenues to the wide central plaza. Outside space takes on a whole new breadth with a verdant central park that is surrounded by potted trees and wild flower beds.

Retail spaces are strategically tailored to the residents’ very essentials. They can discover new shops, restaurants and convenient services within just a few steps from their doorstep. These mix of retail is perfect for bonding with loved ones or meeting with business colleagues. And adding to the convenience, a foot bridge is installed at the second floor, linking the commercial space from the building for an uninterrupted shopping experience.

Green living and sustainable development are top priorities for Air Residences. Committed to reducing energy, water, and waste on the site, several sustainable features are installed in the development. One of them is the use of rainwater harvesting for non-potable uses. A certain percentage of the mass foundation is dedicated to water storage for harvested rainwater, converting it for maintenance purposes.

With the busy life in the Metro, living in the city can be chaotic. But with the lush spaces of Air Residences, a private oasis of world-class amenities is readily available for residents to find luxury in their own home. The expansive facilities are situated on the same level for easy access offering residents spaces to relax anytime. A spacious rooftop terrace brings additional exercise facilities and breathtaking views of the city. These amenities can accommodate a myriad of activities for relaxing, spending time with family, hanging out with friends, or even doing business. On Air, every amenity has everything one can possibly need.