ASYA Cup 2013: Wallwork and Robertson

ASYA Design Partner is determined to perform with excellence and strives to be the best in its craft not only by producing innovative concepts, but also by having a sound mind and body. With this as a general directive, ASYA introduced ASYA CUP – an annual badminton tournament comprised of business allies who have showed their unwavering support to ASYA Design. These include developers, suppliers, consultants and ASYA employees who vie for the championship trophies.

One of the event’s highlight is the Exhibition Game where participants wonder with awe as world-ranked badminton players pit against Philippine Team’s Kennivic Asuncion. For the year 2013, ASYA cup prides itself in commissioning Britain’s most talked about duo: Jenny Wallwork and Nathan Robertson. Wallwork is a five-time national champion, Commonwealth Games silver and bronze medallist, as well as a European bronze medallist. On the other hand, Robertson won 15 medals in the span of just 5 years. He has played in European Championships in Geneva, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, English National Badminton Championships, IBF World Championships, Summer Olympics, and the World Badminton Championship.

Every year, ASYA Cup tops its roster of players by bringing in the best players from across the globe. Not only does the tournament serve as a symbol of camaraderie and sportsmanship, it also ignites the passion within everyone involved to strive for excellence.