ASYA awarded as one of Top 10 Architects for BCI Asia 2020-2021

Now on its 16th and 17th consecutive streak, ASYA was once again awarded as one of Philippines’ top Architectural Firms for 2020-2021 by BCI Asia.

At the height of the pandemic, Architects continue to play a huge role in the community. The field of architecture is about proposing and reimagining new things, changing the world by making parts of it better. Architects are artisans in a grander scheme in that they produce tangible products that affect people directly by spatial interaction. We design for adaptivity, deconstruction, and reuse. Today, there is a real need for architects to apply their problem-solving skills to the unique and universal problem of rethinking environments. Our main role now is to propose standard solutions not just for pathogenic risks, but also to meet the needs of future generations.

ASYA is grateful to be able to contribute to the society through design amidst the pandemic, and to continue to be recognized for its efforts in doing so.

Learn more about the top performing industry movers recognized by BCI Asia by watching the event video link below: