ASYA 3 on 3 Hoops 2019

The ASYA 3 on 3 Hoops 2019 has reached its climax as the most awaited basketball tournament concluded last Friday at A Place’s very own Playground. To celebrate this momentous occasion, professional players from the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, Javee Mocon, Rey Nambatac and Jayjay Alejandro, were present to witness the finals game and participate on the awarding ceremony.

The final games were divided into Men and Women’s category. A fierce match took place between the top-notch players from Revitrical and A-Place Men’s division. The court heated up as the opposing teams’ battle it out for the championship title. In the end, the A-Place team prevailed at 39-34, ending the game with a 5-point lead.

The Design Team overtook the Women’s division game from the 21st team, with a 4-point gap. The tension between the two teams finally ceased as the game ended with a 17-13 score, favoring the Design Team, bringing home another victory for their group.

Each year, ASYA 3 on 3 Hoops brings out the best basketball players ASYA has to offer. The games intensifies and get more exciting, making it one of the most awaited events for the energetic ASYA crowd.

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