ARCHXIS: Architecture for Experiencing Intergalactic Space

ASYA Design Partner among the awardees of international architectural design competition Planetarium

ASYA Design Partner’s entry, ARCHXIS (Architecture for Experiencing Intergalactic Space), brought home an honorable mention from Eleven Magazine’s 6th international architectural design competition, Planetarium: The Experience of Space.

Eleven Magazine’s Planetarium challenged the international design community to use architecture as a tool for experiencing and understanding space in this modern world of space exploration and discovery.

The planetarium dome had been the standard channel when it comes to communicating astronomy and physics for decades, making Planetarium ask its participants, “What does the next generation of Planetariums look like?”

“The idea behind this planetarium is strong, well presented in the sheets and contemporary, helping us understand the galactic (and extragalactic) cosmology beyond our planet in a rational and clear way. It is easy to see this being built in cities around the world. This design uses the architecture fully as part of the experience, rather than as a simple container for space exhibits to exist in,” said Arch. Albert S. Yu.

The architects considered the properties of planetary movement, density, volume, history, and interstellar theories to make ARCHXIS an experiential planetarium that transforms the standard typology of projection through sensory design of architectural spaces. The proposal experiments the input of electro chromic glass in designing sensory architecture.

Among 53 entries from around the world who wished to use architecture as a tool to expand the people’s knowledge about the infinite space beyond us, a competition jury consisting of world-class experts, scientists, artists, leaders, and designers awarded one winner, one runner-up, and six honorable mentions.