Light 2


CLIENT: SM Development Corp.
CFA/GFA:222, 000 sqm
SERVICES: Architecture, MEFPS
LOCATION: EDSA, Mandaluyong
AWARDS: Best Upper Mid End Condo Development (Metro Manila) – 2021
Best Lifestyle Development – 2021
Best Condo Architectural Design – 2021

Light 2 took cues from the natural phenomenon observed in everyday life in the city – light in motion and motion expressed through light. Imagine standing on the top of a tower at night, watching countless cars traversing across EDSA, establishments turn on their shop lights, people rush with their phones on hand, homes illuminate their houses. Life in the city is a state of continuous movement and everyone leaves a trail as they go through the motions. This is the phenomenon that Light 2’s façade captures– bold curved lines that meanders and crisscrosses as if to depict the relentless movement in the metro. Visually, it mimics the fluidity of light motion photography expressed through imaginative and precise architecture design.

These days, the market demands for an elevated standard of amenities and a stylish building to come home to. To adhere to the new standards, the amenities at Light 2 are expansive, covering a myriad of activities for all types of residents. The façade is also an icon in itself with an interplay of sleek lines converging. As a grand development situated at the busiest street in Metro Manila, a striking and iconic frontage is imperative without sacrificing comfort and efficiency for the residents.

One challenge for designing for Light 2 is translating an efficient, uniform system on the exteriors while avoiding monotony. The solution is through a well thought-out linear pattern that would express fluidity from the podium up to the tower’s apex. The uniformity then is broken into several vertical lines using a dichromatic approach of contrasting colors.

Key Architectural Design Features

Since the project is a sequel to Light, a relatively similar development, the challenge lies in creating a harmonious balance that would complement Light 1 in terms of use, flow, and aesthetic. Although the two exhibit striking contrast in terms of color and geometry, this was taken as an opportunity to depict diversity and uniqueness among developments. As for the pedestrian flow, both developments are interconnected through a bridge, making it easier for people to go to and from Light Mall.

Aside from accessibility and convenience, Light 2 readily blends public realm and private spaces. Living in a busy demand for an urban oasis that home owners can call their own. The development offers an entire podium of recreational facilities exclusive to its residents. Sprawling lush landscapes, expansive lapping pools, play areas for kids, and a slew of pocket gardens people can lounge elevates the standard for urban dwelling