BIM / Revit Modeller (MEPF)

BIM/Revit modellers carry out developing, detailing, and other BIM requirements, fulfilling company standards. They work closely with members in creating models and mounting solutions for any issues.

Fire Protection Design Engineer

Fire protection design engineers are assigned with the design and production of fire protection projects or equipment. They perform engineering procedures, prepare presentations and design systems.


The warehouseman is responsible for the proper receipt, storage, handling and inventory of materials for construction. They are also involved in the dispatching and delivery of items to the sites.

Tenant / Client Service Representative – Property Management

REQUIREMENTS Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management, Communication or any related field At least 2 years of customer service experience mostly in hotels Exceptional interpersonal skills Excellent written and verbal communication Good time management and organizational skills Conflict resolution experience Patience and good listening skills Can work with minimal supervision Proficient …

HR Employee / Labor Relations

HR employees conduct thorough insight of laws, regulations, and guidelines related to HR and contract negotiations. They need to exhibit excellent written communication skills, and resolution skills.

Procurement Staff / Assistant

Those under procurement are in charge of logistics and operations for importation and supply chain management. They need to have a competent background on operations management.

Electrical Design Engineer

Electrical design engineers are assigned with design works, such as load computation, circuiting, capacity, maintenance of genset and transformer, plumbing and other associate mechanical works.


Document controllers serve administrative tasks to assume architectural, engineering and recording procedures. Experience as an executive assistant or for technical documentations is a huge advantage.


Mechanical engineers will be assigned to the Ortigas site. Passing the Licensure Board Exam is a requirement. And they need to be knowledgeable in mechanical, plumbing & sanitary and fire protection.


Payroll staff manage payroll and timekeeping tasks. Candidates must require degrees in accounting technology, financial management, analytical accounting management and highly proficient calculations.


Fire protection engineers are assigned with the design and production of its systems, or equipment. They perform engineering procedures, organize reports and assist in designing engineering systems.


Mechanical detailers must possess experience in electrical technology or other related engineering tasks that have an architectural base. They also must be knowledgeable in using AutoCAD and/or Revit.


Electrical detailers detail the timeline, budget and materials required to apply the necessary electrical technologies for every project. Those in the role are required to use AutoCAD and Revit.