The warehouseman is responsible for the proper receipt, storage, handling and inventory of materials for construction. They are also involved in the dispatching and delivery of items to the sites.

Tenant / Client Service Representative – Property Management

REQUIREMENTS Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management, Communication or any related field At least 2 years of customer service experience mostly in hotels Exceptional interpersonal skills Excellent written and verbal communication Good time management and organizational skills Conflict resolution experience Patience and good listening skills Can work with minimal supervision Proficient …


Mechanical engineers will be assigned to the Ortigas site. Passing the Licensure Board Exam is a requirement. And they need to be knowledgeable in mechanical, plumbing & sanitary and fire protection.

Property Manager

Property managers are to supervise the properties operated by the company, ranging from high-rise spaces or mixed-use buildings. Experience in tenant relations and facilities management is needed.

Safety Officer

Safety officers handle the security and wellbeing of tenants within the properties (for high-rise buildings). They must have knowledge in safety protocols, architecture regulations and LEED ratings.

Building Engineer / MEPFS Engineer

Building engineers administer the technical specifications of a wide range/scale of projects, like electrical, HVAC, UPS, facilities management, building maintenance, structural, mechanical, (MEPFS).

Electrical Engineer – (Ortigas)

Electrical engineers manage any technical matters for every project throughout the construction process, from planning to maintenance. A vast experience in the construction industry is a key component.